*Please be aware that my designs are not currently coded to work with Merchant Moms CS Cart or
Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Cart.  I do still work with both of their basic carts.  Please click here for more info.

Etsy Store Theme
Etsy Store Theme

Etsy Shop Theme

Need a custom banner & avatar set to match your Etsy shop?  These are currently made of the new specifications that Etsy put into place in 2016.

Your Shop Theme purchase will include:

-1 New Large Etsy Store banner 3360 x 840

-1 Etsy Store Sale banner 3360 x 840

-1 Etsy Store Vacation banner 3360 x 840

-1 Etsy Profile Image 500x500

-Pre-made Etsy Store Listing Images 700x700:
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