*Please be aware that my designs are not currently coded to work with Merchant Moms CS Cart or
Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Cart.  I do still work with both of their basic carts.  Please click here for more info.

Product Collage
Product Collage

A custom collage is generally found on your home page.  It consists of images of products that you sell in your store.  You will provide us with the images & the wording you would like to include.  We design the collage & create an image map, so that the wording & or images are clickable.  Up to three revisions are allowed.  Once the design is completed, we will provide you with the image & code for you to install on your site.  We can install for you if you are using one of the approved hosts.  Click here to see our collage portfolio.

Basic:  Includes 3-6 images 

Deluxe: Includes 7-12 images

Click here to see a collage with photos & buttons.

Click here to see a collage with a frame.


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