*Please be aware that my designs are not currently coded to work with Merchant Moms CS Cart or
Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Cart.  I do still work with both of their basic carts.  Please click here for more info.

1. Register your Domain name. We prefer Go Daddy!

2. Purchase web hosting with an approved hosting provider.  Click here for a list of the hosting providers that are compatible with our designs.  The hosting service will provide you with content management software & shopping cart.

3. Choose from one of our many premade web templates offered in our shop!

4. Once you have completed your purchase please fill out the Premade Design Questionnaire.  This gives us all of the appropriate information so that we can start customizing your design. Customization of your template takes 1-3 days once we have received all of the necessary information from you.  An email will be sent once installation of your design is complete.

5. You can begin adding your content right away, no need to wait for us to install the template.  This will not interfere with the design process whatsoever.

If you are not using an approved host, we will email you a zip file with all of the website files.

Please realize that a lot of hard work goes into maintaining a website. Even though we install your design & try to make things as easy as possible, you will have a lot of work ahead of you.  You will be the one adding content (ie: categories, products, text, photos, etc.) You will need to resize your images in most cases before adding them to your site.  I want to make our clients aware of this so there are no suprises later on.  I encourage you to thoroughly research how the hosting providers store admin operates.  While the store admin is very user friendly, you will still need to get yourself familiarized with how everything operates.  Each hosting company offers lots of tutorials to get you started.

After you have done your research & you still feel like this all too much for you to handle, please contact Katrina Wiese Designs. Katrina offers assistance with adding content to your website. Feel free to read more about 'Website Administrative Services' in the FAQ section for more info.  And as always, if you have any questions please contact me!